Still Water

About Us

Our roots run deep in web design and development, starting as a personal project in 2002, and growing to a stable, forward-looking full-service web firm. Guided by an unflagging commitment to our clients, Still Water's team has cultivated a portfolio brimming with noteworthy clientele and hundreds of sites built and maintained.

We make websites that work.


Our websites are fun to use and bring returns to our clients. But we don't stop there. We build full web presence, allowing our clients to reap the fullest rewards from the technologies of the web, from search engines to social media. We maintain close contact with our clients to ensure that they are continually satisfied with the products and services we provide them. We work efficiently to keep our clients resources and time free to fill other needs.


We work closely with each client to ensure that the look, feel, and behavior of its sites account for its vision and needs, as well as best practices and optimal integration with contemporary web technology.


Still Water keeps an eye on design trends and produces outstanding art for clients. Our design experts craft work that navigates the needs for distinctiveness, functionality, and adherence to industry trends.


Our back-end solutions allow us to integrate cleanly with content management and third-party APIs. We provide dynamic one-page applications as well as fully-featured traditional websites based upon the needs of each case.

Digital Marketing

Still Water builds web identity. We conceive of websites and web services as nodes in the identity of our clients' brands. We offer a complete suite of marketing tools and services to drive and exceed clients' online marketing goals.

Data Analysis

Still Water analyzes live sites, parsing analytics, running and responding to QA and speed tests, as well as coordinating with and responding to the results of search engine and social media marketing campaigns.


Search Engines are so central to our experience of the web that they blend in to the scenery. When clients need help getting their messages to the right people, Still Water develops a focused content strategy to hit their targets with precision.

We build lasting web partnerships.


Still Water runs deep. We have accomplished tremendous staying power with our clients, despite our capricious industry. We build this every day through ever deepening understanding of each client's goals and needs, as well as an on-going record of excellent responsiveness, attentiveness, and flexibility.